Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bush is Out

Jeb Bush has announced that he is suspending his campaign. It is remarkable to think he ever had a chance to become the nominee since he had so much going against him politically. The Republican base had abandoned the Bush name years ago and was unlikely to support it again. All Bush accomplished was to divide the early voting that would have gone to Rubio. Had he not run, Rubio would have had a solid second place standing today, perhaps even have become the front runner.

Considering the re-election of Barack Obama, the election of a Bush to the presidency is beyond improbable. The popular vote has leaned so far to the left that it is highly unlikely there will be a Republican in the White House in the next thirty years. This nation is no longer what it was in 1950, 1970, or 1990. Since the ascension of the Clinton/Bush Dynasties, the country has become more heavily dependent on the government for personal welfare, more paranoid about foreign policy, more extreme in its political views. When more than 50% of the population depends on the government for their income in one fashion or another, this was inevitable.

America is becoming just what the left wants it to be, more like Europe. We have presidents who act like kings, local authorities who have little or no respect for federal law, and a general collapse of economic health which the government does everything it can to conceal. The death of the private sector would accomplish the ultimate goal of the left, the nationalization of all markets.

The US dollar is becoming a glut on the world market. The law of supply and demand says this will devalue the currency, leading to the speculation that it will be replaced by the Chinese currency. In light of this, the government has to create an external crisis to prevent the population from knowing the truth. The global economy, geared on the US dollar for the most part, is falling apart not because of war or disease but because of mismanagement on the highest levels.

Little wonder the front runner in the moribund conservative party is a reality show host and the front runner in the Democrat party is a socialist. One promises eternal entertainment, the other everything for free. Truly, a political market of extremes.