Monday, February 22, 2016

Don't Do It, Apple!

You would think after the flaps over government intrusion and lack of privacy that the FBI would know better than to demand Apple build backdoor software for the iPhone.

Even a child can understand the stupidity of that. Of course, when it comes to more inroads into the private lives of the citizens, the government will do anything. It would mean even more control over each individual's actions, more control of their access to the internet, more ability to track their movements. 

In another in a long line of "Patriot Acts," the FBI is using the terrorist card to strip away yet another layer of privacy. Apple is justifiably resisting this. For all the criticism corporations get as unfeeling, self-interested monsters, Apple is taking a stand for the public good. I doubt they will get the recognition they deserve for it, though. Reaction to their refusal is mixed to say the least but the FBI's reasoning for why they want the backdoor software designed is ludicrous.

They want to know why the San Bernandino shootings took place? Simple. Radical Islam terrorism. The details of the shooting allow for no other conclusion. The FBI is simply using the iPhone issue as another way for the government to invade personal privacy.

As if the NSA and Department of Homeland Security didn't already have enough ways to invade our privacy? Is it too late to stop saying yes to continued government intrusion?

Don't do it, Apple. Draw the line.