Friday, February 12, 2016

The Dragon Wakes

While the public in the US is entertaining itself with the antics of their politicians, a real threat to America's national security is being ignored.

China. With a population of over 1.3 billion, it has the potential to overwhelm any conventional army set against it merely by number of fighters. Their technology is equal to that of the US and Russia. As is their nuclear capability.

Over the last several months, the disagreement between China and Taiwan has heated up. Since the takeover of the mainland by Mao Tsetung in the 1949 civil war, Taiwan has struggled to remain independent against increasing resistance from inside and out. The UN refuses to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. No one wants to officially step between them but the US Navy has been present in the strait off and on to prevent China from taking the island by force.

Now a serious turn of events has occurred. China is giving off signals it is going to put its nuclear arsenal on high alert.

During the cold war between the USSR and USA, the idea of mutual destruction kept the nations in a constant state of readiness that had quite a few scares. On more than one occasion, the world hovered on the threshold of nuclear holocaust because of a simple mechanical malfunction or misinterpreted word. In those days, the nuclear shadow covered the world from only two sources.

Today, there are a dozen nations with nuclear capability and another unknown number of stateless organizations like Al Queda that could have it.

In such a volatile environment, the real threat of nuclear exchange has risen once more, and it is even worse than in the last cold war. China is socially and financially unstable, bad signs for everyone they might have designs on like Taiwan. China has an unsteady relationship with Australia, one that has decayed over the last year as Sino-American relations stumble. India has a love/hate relationship with them because of the Chinese strengthening ties with Russia and Pakistan.

Teams are forming in the nastiest game known to history. And the American public is happily involved in its political circus.

Hope we don't get blind-sided.