Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump Imploding?

It appears that Donald Trump's obnoxious comments, undiplomatic treatment of his opponent's supporters, and his general megalomania are finally beginning to take their toll on his campaign.

According to a report in the Washington Post, a crack has appeared in the Trump dike. It appears that Ted Cruz' recent revelations of Trump's past record has had an effect. It is possible that Trump's campaign has hit its inevitable ceiling. When Trump makes accusations against the very party he is supposed to represent and threatens a third party run, you know he's nervous. Trump doesn't like losers. God forbid he should be one. Before that happens, he'll abandon the GOP race, declare the GOP cheated, take his football and go home.

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As candidates drop out and the field narrows, their followers transfer their support. It appears that Trump isn't getting the transferred support his campaign was expecting while Cruz and Rubio are becoming the recipients. If Carson drops out, it is likely his supporters will turn to Cruz since Rubio is seen as an establishment candidate. On the other hand, the loss of Bush and/or Kasich will boost Rubio for similar reasons.

Either way, Trump's standing will suffer overall. He has peaked early and that's the worst thing that can happen in a campaign. Just ask Hillary Clinton.