Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why Trump is Winning

Donald Trump remains the front runner for the Republican nomination because the field is full of also-rans who refuse to admit they have no chance.

photo credit: Getty Images

There are only two real contenders in the Republican race: Trump and Cruz. If the rest of the candidates dropped out, Cruz would surge ahead of Trump by at least 20 points.

Currently, the conservative base of the party is committing political suicide by supporting Trump. His populist performance is reminiscent of PT Barnum. He bellows, bullies, blusters, and bombasts to the delighted entertainment of a public dazzled by generations of reality television and inane advertisements. Trump is the Svengali of the Republicans, leading a public disenchanted with their leaders into the arms of the Democrat Party nominee.

Most puzzling is the lead Trump has with white evangelicals. Of all the people who shouldn't be following him, this group should be at the head of the list. Trump was rightly called out by the Pope and no matter what anyone may think, the Pope was right. Nothing Trump advocates can be defined as Christian.

Unfortunately for Cruz, even if he could get that 20% lead, he would immediately run into problems about his citizenship. Then, if he successfully ran the gamut of his own party's trial, he would have to run it again when confronted with the Democrat candidate in the general election. Then, should he actually be elected, the birthers would come out of the woodwork. It would be Obama all over again.

Only uglier.