Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Talking!

People are criticizing Bernie Sanders for objecting to Hillary Clinton trying to interrupt his response to her charges against him during the Democrat debate. They accuse him of sexism. This is disingenuous in the extreme. She was deliberately being rude.

After all her criticism of the Republican debaters, she should have known better. Was she supposed to be practicing for a debate with Trump and using Sanders as a foil? If so, she failed miserably. Compared to Trump, Sanders is an adorable puppy. Which is interesting, as Clinton has compared the Republican debate to barking dogs.

Sanders has been unusually tolerant of interruptions. The BLM protesters that crashed his speech were even given time at his podium, which they shouldn't have been allowed. Peaceful protest is one thing. Protest disruptive to the event and that interferes with something as important as the delivery of a presidential candidate's speech is not only disrespectful to the process, it is an insult to the speaker.

It seems no one -- Republican, Democrat, BLM protestors, anti-Trump protesters -- really care about listening to what is being said. It's all about being the loudest mouth in the room. As if that makes the message any more valid.

Just STFU and listen for a bit. You might learn something.