Monday, March 7, 2016

Kasich as President?

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out in support of John Kasich. If you have the support of the Terminator, does that make you dangerous? Not likely. Still, it's amusing that the Schwarz calls him an "action hero." Personally, I like Kasich as he is the closest thing the Republicans have to a real statesman in the race right now, but an action hero? Nope.

Overshadowed by the stupidity of the rest of the field, Kasich actually would have had a chance in a serious race. Unfortunately for him, the Republicans don't have a serious race this time. They have a circus, a minstrel show, a dog and pony show, a parade of fools and he's caught in the middle of it. His reputation as a serious candidate is being ignored because he might really be a good president. And a "good president" isn't what the Republicans appear to want anymore. They want to win the office but they apparently don't care who fills it, as long as he or she has an R after their name.

This country needs a leader to get itself out of debt and back into a productive mood. We have become soft, lazy, and unproductive. So little is actually "Made in USA" anymore. True, we have some impressive technology and a great military but our leaders are corrupt and greedy. We have lost our way when it comes to being the foremost example of integrity in the world. America has become a laughingstock and untrustworthy to our friends.

We also need to have a leader who will stop the waffling concerning foreign policy, to solidify who we are and how we act in the global theater. Mixed messages are different from diplomacy, and mixed messages are all our friends and enemies are getting about where we stand.

I just don't see that coming from either side of the aisle this election.