Thursday, March 3, 2016

Romney's Meaningless Tirade

Why? What did Mitt Romney hope to accomplish by his tirade against Donald Trump that hasn't been done already by Matt Walsh and a thousand other commentators? Did he believe no one was listening to the people speaking out against Trump's bombast? Did he think that only he would be heard? That he was special and his opinion was somehow more convincing?

Well, guess what, Mitt? You're just another voice in the crowd. Worse yet, you've given Trump more ammunition in his claim that the RNC is out to get him. Everyone more or less guessed that was true before. Now there is no doubt. Cruz and Rubio and Kasich will be staying in the race to insure a brokered convention. That might actually save what's left of the GOP. Nothing short of pushing Trump to the curb will save its image as not being the party of bigotry, misogyny, and fascism.

Maybe that was the reason after all. Maybe Mitt's tirade is part of a larger plan to distance the GOP from Trump and see to it that perhaps Trump will take himself off the GOP ticket and run independent. It would mean a GOP loss, but right now the GOP has given up all hope of winning anyway.