Saturday, March 5, 2016

Still Recovering

I couldn't bring myself to post yesterday. I was speechless at the level of idiocy shown on the Republican debate. It's so hard to believe these are the people who want to be elected to the most powerful political office in the nation. No dignity, no statesmanship, not even any self-respect. I was reminded of three apes pounding their chests and bellowing at each other. 

Someone has pointed out that we don't have much choice on either side. Both front runners, Trump and Clinton, are under legal investigation - Clinton by the FBI, Trump by the IRS. In essence, we have two potential felons who the American public think would be perfect fits as president.

What have we become? What does it say about America that the majority of our political office holders are beholden to lobbying influences that have nothing to do with the public welfare? What does it say about America that the only people we would consider viable candidates for our highest office are people who make common criminals look like grade-school children playing at cops and robbers?

Truly, we must admit we have a huge problem with our values. We need to stop elevating outlaws and start removing them from office. In Ancient Greece, people were forced to serve in political office and not allowed to stay installed past their service end. When you have an entire class of the population who spend their whole lives as politicians, corruption is inevitable.

Term limits are a must. A balanced budget is critical to a healthy economy. Appropriations must be managed properly and only for necessities. These are simple, practical rules for good government.

Too bad America has forgotten.