Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Sanders is Winning

Bernie Sanders just trounced Hillary Clinton in three caucuses. I am amused at the surprise evidenced by some at this. 

What did they expect?

For the last several decades, the higher education institutions of this country have been indoctrinating our youth with the idea that socialism is the perfect government system. "Social justice" and other buzz words have been drilled into our youth so intensely that they no longer are able to think for themselves. The idea of personal responsibility is alien. In its place is slavish loyalty to the concept that government is mother and government is father -- the family that used to be made up of individuals is now a village.

This is what they teach. Individuals are no longer qualified to raise their own children. Only the state is capable of developing a child from birth to adulthood. Only the state is capable of determining right and wrong. Only the state is capable of judging whether a person is worthy of success. 

The universities and colleges in the US are typically left-leaning. They famously shy away from conservative speakers and on-campus organizations. They have produced three generations of people whose idea of this country is that it is inherently flawed and that its government must change to better reflect the values of Europe in spite of the fact those very systems have led to economic and social ruin evident to the most casual observer.

So why is it surprising to the Democrat Party, or anyone for that matter, that Sanders is winning? He is the poster child for everything that has been taught for the last 50 years in the American public universities and colleges.

We may have the chance to see if all that theorizing, all that preaching that socialism is the perfect government, is true.