Thursday, April 7, 2016

Circling the Wagons

With Trump still leading in the GOP race and losing to Hillary in the polls for general election, the GOP conservative establishment is chewing its nails to the quick and circling the wagons against what will undoubtedly be a nasty, and possibly violent, brokered convention in Cincinnati. And with Sanders walloping Hillary in 6 of the last 7, the Democrats are scratching their heads and wondering if they need to head to the shelter.

With the rising power of the House Freedom Caucus and its far-right wing ideals, McConnell can feel the dragon's breath on the back of his neck. By not even making a token effort at damage control over Trump's outrageous comments, the GOP establishment is hoping he will implode before it is too late. But, it may be too late already.

POPULISM is the new black. Tell the people what they want to hear. Avoid straight answers to hard questions. Don't listen to common sense argument. Make promises and at least look like you believe in them when you promise them. Remember, it doesn't matter what you say or how you say it as long as it gets you votes. Once you're elected, you can always spin those statements any way you like with the properly lubricated media at your back.

Be a regular Joe. Just another bum the government is trying to destroy. Just another hard working American getting the short end of the stick. Roll up those sleeves. Take off the tie. If you're of the distaff persuasion, dress comfortably and be approachable -- to a certain point. After all, it's the men in government who are the real problem. 

But whatever you do, whatever you say, don't let them see you sweat. Don't let them see the fear in your eyes. The public animal can smell fear. They'll pounce and leave you bleeding at the polls. Bluster. Bamboozle. Lie. Deflect.

That's what got you where you are anyway, isn't it?