Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Perjury Uncovered

Source: Western Journalism

It looks like we have a choice between a felon and a clown to be the next president, but the FBI is closing in on the felon. Of course, we all know that if she is convicted, Obama can pardon her. And if she's elected, she can't be prosecuted. That's probably why she's so panicked about Sanders winning so much and gets so upset when someone says so. Too bad she can't delete the FBI files as easily as she did her own emails.

At least there's no mystery about Trump and what he's done in the past. We all know he's a blowhard, a petulant whiner, and a misogynist. Everything he is, is disgusting --- but not illegal, more's the pity. Not that that makes him a better choice. It just points out how terrible the state of American politics has become.

What happened to this country to bring us to this point? Where did we go wrong? How can we fix it? Can it be fixed? Are we too far gone?

All good questions, questions we're afraid to ask because we're so afraid of the answers.