Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Mouth on The Guy

After everything Trump's been saying I find it ironic it was his comment about abortion that caused him the most trouble. He talked about shooting somebody, encouraged violence at his speeches, even inferred one of his opponents would give him oral sex if he demanded it. And it takes him making an odd comment about abortion to put him in damage control mode?

Hard to believe. It just goes to show you what really gets the attention of the American public nowadays. Never mind violence, never mind perversion -- it's abortion that trumps (if you'll excuse the pun) everything else. Trump has shown himself to be totally out of his depth with foreign policy, military and diplomatic relations, even government appropriations regulations. And it takes abortion for people to see how amateurish he is politically?


Chris Matthews may be a far-left wing hack but he may in one interview have done more to sabotage Trump's campaign than all his opponents have been able to do so far. I suppose we should thank him at least for that. Now we just need to get him to interview Cruz and maybe the Republicans might have a chance to win the presidential election.

That is, if Sanders doesn't beat Clinton.