Monday, April 25, 2016

Too Little, Too Late

So Cruz and Kasich have finally decided to team up. So what? If they had decided to do this six months ago, or four months ago, even two months ago maybe it would have made a difference. There were more people in the race then, people who could have bonded together and used their delegates. Rubio. Carson.

But now Carson is on Trump's team. And Christie.

Too late, guys. You screwed around and let the Hairdo take it all.

And after Kasich's appallingly embarrassing lecture about Joseph to a bunch of Jewish students of the Talmud -- something exceedingly painful to watch -- I'm not sure it's in Cruz's best interests.

Yep. Trump has it wrapped up nice and tight. The Republican party is about to blow wide open. Cincinnati will be a bloodbath.

Glad I ain't going.