Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Real Origins of WW III

Everybody is concerned about Iran getting a nuke. They talk incessantly about the Middle East and the Muslim immigrants flooding into Europe. Nobody seems to be looking at the real threat.

For the last several years, China has been extending its influence into the South China Sea, even going as far as to build an island with an airfield off the coast of the Philippines. It's called Woody Island and China has gone so far as to use an old map to say they have the right to claim the majority of the South China Sea as theirs.

Woody Island

Their main objective with this is to isolate Taiwan to force its reunification and to claim the oil under the area as theirs since their economic health is fading. They need to control the shipping and oil production offshore to beef it up. They've already threatened to take action against anyone violating their claimed zone of influence, including the US.

Wars happen more often because of economic pressure than ideological difference. The Middle East situation was old before WWI. It will continue for centuries and probably won't develop into anything worse than border skirmishes. China, on the other hand, has a long history of war for the sake of land and economy. They have expanded their political influence as far as they can without running up against some serious opposition from Russia or the US.

There a storm brewing in the Far East and nobody over here is watching. It will be a surprise when it finally blows. An ugly, lethal, nuclear surprise.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

If you think the chaos at the Democrat convention in Nevada was bad, just wait until the Republican convention in Cleveland. There might have been a lot of yelling and (maybe) one fight in Nevada. If Trump doesn't get the nomination, there's likely to be gunfire.

He's got some enemies in the (R)eactionary camp. And some friends in the (D)espot camp. There are those who would rather vote for him than Hillary, and some who would rather vote for Hillary than him.

This year's presidential race is an embarrassing farce for America, but the worst part about it is that most Americans don't know that.These are the kinds of people we have to chose from for president:

Corruption and lies in politics -- it used to be a joke. Now they don't even take the time to hide it anymore.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's Come to the Triarii

What's left for America? The foxes are in charge of the henhouse. Congress can give itself raises, make laws that it can exempt itself from, and basically pander to the largest bidder. The legal system is rife with little godlings who believe they are not only above the law themselves, but they can change law from the bench. The executive branch believes it can ignore everything and just make things happen by edict.

It's time the adults got back in charge. The kids and teenagers have been in charge long enough. When you can run a country by giving them candy and treats, or when they can change things by simply pitching a tantrum, it's time for those who understand the seriousness of consequences to take over.

The Roman army consisted of three lines. Hastati, the youngest and least experienced, were in front. Principes, the veterans, were behind them. Those two usually swapped out in battle, giving each other a break. At the rear were the elite, the oldest and most experienced -- the triarii. When things got their worst, the triarii stepped in and saved the battle. Usually this never had to happen.

But now, the front line has collapsed. The second line is falling apart.

It's come to the triarii to take charge.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Past Time for a Third Party

Now that the difference between the R and the D have been demonstrated as negligible, perhaps America will wake up to the truth and start talking a third alternative that isn't just something mentioned in local newspapers and short-circulation newsletters. Few Americans know there are other parties fielding candidates for US President. There are over forty (40) people -- Libertarian, Constitutional, Veterans Party, Socialist, Transhumanist, Reform, Independent -- running for office. Do you hear anything about them from the vaunted US media? Even the so-called "new media"? They're just as bad. Find out more about them here and realize you really do have a choice, no matter what the media wants you to think.

The day of the third party is here. The stranglehold that the Reactionary party and Despot Party have had on the American public is slipping the more we know about them and their inner workings.

At last America is waking up -- all but the trolls and brainwashed.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

America's Horrible Choice

It's down to the wire and we've finally hit the bottom of the barrel. We have a choice between a megalomanical clown and a cold fish of an unprosecuted criminal. The choice has inspired a host of memes.

... and that's just a sample. What do these memes say about the American public? That not all of us have lost all our common sense. There are actually people who see through the smoke and mirrors, who aren't fooled by the media crap and are appalled by the place America is in right now.

Maybe there is some hope for America. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but someday... I hope it'll be in my lifetime.