Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's Come to the Triarii

What's left for America? The foxes are in charge of the henhouse. Congress can give itself raises, make laws that it can exempt itself from, and basically pander to the largest bidder. The legal system is rife with little godlings who believe they are not only above the law themselves, but they can change law from the bench. The executive branch believes it can ignore everything and just make things happen by edict.

It's time the adults got back in charge. The kids and teenagers have been in charge long enough. When you can run a country by giving them candy and treats, or when they can change things by simply pitching a tantrum, it's time for those who understand the seriousness of consequences to take over.

The Roman army consisted of three lines. Hastati, the youngest and least experienced, were in front. Principes, the veterans, were behind them. Those two usually swapped out in battle, giving each other a break. At the rear were the elite, the oldest and most experienced -- the triarii. When things got their worst, the triarii stepped in and saved the battle. Usually this never had to happen.

But now, the front line has collapsed. The second line is falling apart.

It's come to the triarii to take charge.