Monday, May 9, 2016

Past Time for a Third Party

Now that the difference between the R and the D have been demonstrated as negligible, perhaps America will wake up to the truth and start talking a third alternative that isn't just something mentioned in local newspapers and short-circulation newsletters. Few Americans know there are other parties fielding candidates for US President. There are over forty (40) people -- Libertarian, Constitutional, Veterans Party, Socialist, Transhumanist, Reform, Independent -- running for office. Do you hear anything about them from the vaunted US media? Even the so-called "new media"? They're just as bad. Find out more about them here and realize you really do have a choice, no matter what the media wants you to think.

The day of the third party is here. The stranglehold that the Reactionary party and Despot Party have had on the American public is slipping the more we know about them and their inner workings.

At last America is waking up -- all but the trolls and brainwashed.