Thursday, June 23, 2016

Idiocy on Parade

They're being called heroes by the media. They're using a tactic previously never seen in the House. A sit-in by Democrat representatives in protest of a non-passage of a gun control bill.

This is so incredibly embarrassing as an American I have no words to express it.

The Democrats are literally having a temper tantrum. The bill they want passed was going to allow anyone who was simply under suspicion of being dangerous from buying a gun. There would be no due process, no way to rebut the situation. If you were merely accused of being a possible collaborator with a faction unpopular with the US government, you would not be allowed to purchase a weapon. No proof was required. The mere fact you might be a problem was sufficient to have you placed on the list.

This is exactly the kind of guilty before innocent verdict the Constitution was drafted to prevent. How can anyone championing such a bill be considered a hero?

Worse yet, the Republicans in the House were willing to go along with this -- with the proviso that there be a channel for rebuttal and defense. And that's when the Democrats pitched their fit. They called the Republican action "obstruction" and accused the Republicans of not wanting to pass the bill.

When did debate and compromise stop being part of the political process? We have too many radicals on both sides of the aisle anymore. Congress has become a circus that the clowns have taken charge.

Idiots and fools running the country. Morons and criminals running for highest office. Makes you wonder who is really behind all this. Surely it's not the American people.

Are we really that stupid?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Are You Understanding Yet?

Trump speaks out against free speech. He bans the Washington Post from his own speeches because they exercised free speech. He wants to ban foreigners from entering the country because they might exercise free speech while they're here. Meanwhile, Obama bitches about Trump exercising free speech. Hillary complains about Trump exercising free speech. The media whines about Trump exercising free speech.


Free speech is a guaranteed right. No matter how stupid, offensive, atrocious, or infantile your speech, it is protected by the US Constitution. But, as has been pointed out, just because you have the right to free speech doesn't excuse you abusing that right.

Yes, you can insult people. Yes, you can even shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater. Common sense and civility says not to, but morons will anyway.

What a choice.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I have been so stunned by the fact that Trump has received the need delegates to be selected as the GOP candidate for president that I have been unable to bring myself to comment until now, afraid I would vent my frustration and disbelief in words and charges against his supporters that would be construed (rightly) as derogatory.

I used to think of myself as a Republican because it claimed to be the party of the conservative, of intelligence and compassion, of helping people get educated and employed, of not just giving them a fish but teaching them to fish.

"I didn't leave the Democrat Party. The party left me." That comment was made by both Ronald Reagan and Sheldon G. Adelson. I find myself saying the same about the Republican Party now.

I am a man without a party. I find there are no major political parties who share my views on politics any longer. The Democrat Party is the party of government dependence and the Republican Party is the party of government oppression. Even the appearance of benevolent despotism is falling by the wayside.

The US government has become so self-involved that it doesn't care anything about its people any longer. It is totally focused on elections and re-elections. The checks and balances system of the US Constitution is a thing of the past. There aren't three branches of government any longer. Judges legislate from the bench, the President legislates by edict, and Congress is irrelevant. We are long past the point our forefathers would have revolted. We are in the area the German people found themselves in 1930. Massive debt. A weak, ineffective legal system. Rife corruption in every public office. Falling purchasing power. Increasing civil unrest. 

Is it any wonder a charismatic, unfeeling, blustering egomaniac should find himself so popular with the rank and file? Or that a populist outsider appealing to the naive but idealistic young should find himself shadowing the presumptive candidate all the way to the convention?

I sincerely fear for the future of this nation as never before.