Thursday, June 23, 2016

Idiocy on Parade

They're being called heroes by the media. They're using a tactic previously never seen in the House. A sit-in by Democrat representatives in protest of a non-passage of a gun control bill.

This is so incredibly embarrassing as an American I have no words to express it.

The Democrats are literally having a temper tantrum. The bill they want passed was going to allow anyone who was simply under suspicion of being dangerous from buying a gun. There would be no due process, no way to rebut the situation. If you were merely accused of being a possible collaborator with a faction unpopular with the US government, you would not be allowed to purchase a weapon. No proof was required. The mere fact you might be a problem was sufficient to have you placed on the list.

This is exactly the kind of guilty before innocent verdict the Constitution was drafted to prevent. How can anyone championing such a bill be considered a hero?

Worse yet, the Republicans in the House were willing to go along with this -- with the proviso that there be a channel for rebuttal and defense. And that's when the Democrats pitched their fit. They called the Republican action "obstruction" and accused the Republicans of not wanting to pass the bill.

When did debate and compromise stop being part of the political process? We have too many radicals on both sides of the aisle anymore. Congress has become a circus that the clowns have taken charge.

Idiots and fools running the country. Morons and criminals running for highest office. Makes you wonder who is really behind all this. Surely it's not the American people.

Are we really that stupid?